gray and white
AKC reg
all 4 pets
Koha liver parti akc female due
Raven  akc female
litters  2019
All 4
Tayler  2019 shes a liver    
becca love bug and
bryce akc
2017 Thank you to all the new parents of my schnauzer babies
who we call our family!
Jim feilds , Tammy White, Brinda Addison, Isabella Bancroft,
Melinda Myre,
Vicky Zullioux,Judy Blackman, Angela hill, Terri Finch 6 pach for
you and family  ,Debbie Swin,Tuttle family
Annie Garca, Joenie, Penny Lamb, PaulineHandy , Angela
Watson,Pat Siegelman.
Melanie Luttrell, Linda p. I hope I got you all in here. Thank you !
litters coming soon moms  
nick                  tayler
raven                 raven
koha                       koha
bryce                             becca
charly girl                                    tayler                                                                                                                        darcy

dolly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    minny
dolly                                                                tessa                                                        dolly                                                            tessa                                                                dolly
tessa                                                            darcy                                                             gunner boots
charly girl                                                                    tessa                                           barby doll     
darcy                                                tessa                                                                               darcy                                                              tessa
sadie this will be here last year